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Fanimation Ceiling Fans


Fanimation, a company that that started in southern California, is currently a multi-national leader in the fan manufacturing industry. Known for their quality motors and their unique blade designs, their fans provide a quiet yet powerful airflow for both homeowners and business establishments.

Fanimation blows the rest of the competition away when it comes to their exotic fan collection. Their Windpointe and their Islander really give that tropical feel, and their Caruso and Punkah systems are certainly an impressive sight, as well as soothingly cooling in the hot summer. But Fanimation has a fan for everyone, no matter their situation! From the Zonix to the Levon, Fanimation sports a very contemporary, high quality style of fan that combines a futuristic look with a functional blade sweep.

If a traditional style is what you’re looking for, Fanimation has it too! Their Ventana and their Americana both provide a rustic, baroque style atmosphere, providing sophistication and aesthetic appeal to any price range. Their Brewmaster and Bourbon Street systems are wonders to behold, with multiple fans run by the same motor along one belt, providing almost a Victorian look to any residence or restaurant. Fanimation is also one to astonish with their portable fans. The new Urbanjet really moves the air in front of it for its size, and at an affordable price too! If you are looking for quality and functionality, Fanimation is the way to go, no matter your situation or your style!


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