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Traditional ceiling fans are necessities for individuals and families who own a rustic or antique style home and have areas in that residence which get particularly hot during the warm seasons. In a Colonial or Victorian style house, as the summer comes in, many families find that they face high energy bills with their centralized air conditioners just to make the summer bearable. Fanimation’s traditional ceiling fans change that- the cost per day of fan usage is almost $0.10 a day, compared to the average cost of running a central air conditioner, which on average is about $4.30 a day. Fanimation’s fans apply much more power than most other fan brands, but at the same time are more efficient and use less energy, saving you on your energy bill. Having traditional ceiling fans in your home which match your ambiance allows you to retain the sophistication of your setting while still providing functionality in the rooms that need a cooler breeze.

All of Fanimation’s traditional ceiling fans use high quality materials for their motors and components, which is why we provide a lifetime warranty for every Fanimation product on the site. Many homeowners feel that they need to balance aesthetics with functionality, but with Fanimation that is not the case. Fanimation provides an astounding level of quality to all of their fans, each of their products passing a quality control on the sound levels and motor assemblies to ensure that when you buy Fanimation, you will be happy with your fan for years to come.

The Ventana is one of the most popular fixtures in Fanimation’s traditional line, providing a sophisticated sedona beige finish with either mahogany or walnut wood blades. The blades are reversible, so whichever design will match your space, the Sedona will come with it. The fan also comes with a beautiful, integrated amber tea glass light it which provides a great amount of light to even a large living room.

The Bayhill Collection, by Lauren Brooks, is another example of sophistication in motion. Providing an old world impression on a modern day fan, the Bayhill is a great choice for anyone looking for traditional ceiling fans that will provide a lasting improvement on a home. The Bayhill is made with a venetian bronze assembly designed to look like an antique metal, and sports included cairo purple custom wood blades, which at a 56” blade sweep, complement a room with a sense of grandeur. One of the options of the Bayhill is the inclusion of an amber glass bowl light kit, which is decorated in a matching style and provides additional functionality for the fan in your room.

The Levon and the Keistone are options for those that have traditional style homes but want a bit more of a modern fixture to complement their current furniture. Both fans are extremely stylish in their simplicity and elegant in the quality of their wood blades. The Levon and the Keistone come in a variety of motor and blade finishes to match anyone’s situation, because Fanimation has traditional ceiling fans for everyone.

Also, for the homeowners who have Hubbardton Forge fixtures in their house, Fanimation has a ceiling fan to match, and it is called the Hubbardton Forge. This fan continues the style of Hubbardton Forge fixtures, including clean and elegant shapes in its design and availability in bronze, mahogany, and dark smoke finishes.

Fanimation has a fan for everyone, so if you are looking for traditional ceiling fans, your best bet is right here. When looking for something that will match the style of your home, you do not have to sacrifice functionality to achieve your desired aesthetics. Look to Fanimation for your designs, and you will find that the combination of design quality and functionality makes Fanimation the only choice for your space.