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When the phrase “portable fans” comes up in conversation, for most people, the first thing that comes to mind is a cheap plastic fan, the kind that blows air for about a month before it breaks. But portable fans can be works of art in their own right, as showcased by the Fanimation portable fans. The portable fans Fanimation has available are all unique items in the fan market and marvels to behold. The fans are very practical in both their size and the amount of airflow they provide, and their craftsmanship makes them a great value purchase. Fanimation portable fans, while at first may seem costly for portable fans, will no doubt leave you amazed at the ability and beauty of a portable fan done right, wiping the stereotype of the cheap plastic fan from your mind forever.

The Fargo is a particularly phenomenal member of the Fanimation portable fans. Spherical in shape, the item gives off a traditional style that mimics an earlier time period of propeller planes and steam engine trains- it definitely provides an antique atmosphere to any table or room in your home. The quality of the piece is amazing; it sports a brass finish on the trim and cage, along with a faux leather base that adds an amount of rustic style to its look. The fan draws air from above it and beneath it, but will only provide outward airflow at its center, so as not to blow away anything on your tables.

The Arden is a pedestal fan that is expertly crafted and very practical for rooms that need additional cooling. There are oscillating and static versions of the fan in both satin nickel and oiled bronze finishes, with attractive walnut-finished legs. The Fitzgerald is a transitional piece for those that want a portable fan with a unique design. Out of all the Fanimation portable fans, the Fitzgerald is definitely the most outrageous with its speakeasy style, as it is inspired by the design and feel of the Roaring Twenties. Finally, if you are looking for a contemporary and modern portable fan, the Urbanjet is the way to go. These members of the Fanimation portable fans are extremely powerful and really move the air in front of them, and for their price they are an amazing value.

Fanimation portable fans will blow every other portable fan away in terms of quality and function. If you are looking something for your table, your kitchen, or any other part of your home that needs additional airflow, you will find that Fanimation portable fans become the only choice when it comes to value.