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When it comes to contemporary ceiling fans, the objective designers attempt to achieve is the synergy of modern technology with new and innovative structures. When the warm weather comes along, you need something that will fight the elements, and keep the room from getting too hot or too cold. Most everyone knows that a good fan will blow air downwards and cool the room with a breeze, but what others don’t realize is that a great fan can reverse direction, blowing upwards and circulating the room for a consistent temperature, keeping warm air moving around the room during the cold seasons. Fanimation’s contemporary ceiling fans use this reverse speed technology to provide functionality throughout the entire year, saving you on your energy bill while adding to the aesthetics to your rooms. If you are looking to improve the design of your living space, and you like a modern aesthetic to your home, Fanimation’s contemporary ceiling fans are the way to go. You won’t have to worry about a noisy, eye-sore of a giant air conditioner, and you’ll be able to save money at the same time.

Fanimation has a great modern line. Some fans are simple with straight and elegant lines, while others take unique shapes and mold them into a fan that no one has ever done before. An example of a straightforward, modern look is the Zonix. This particular fan line is a popular choice for those who want a straightforward, high quality fan with a futuristic sleekness to it. The Zonix comes with several finishes, blade options, and a light kit option, so whatever your need is, whether it is your kitchen or your dining room, the Zonix will have an option that is right for you and your modern room.

The Involution is where Fanimation starts to become more futuristic in its design, with optional included rings that rotate with the fan like rings orbiting around a planet. The fan has a sleek look like the Zonix but is more spherical in shape, providing a different option for the application of a modern fan in a room. Along with the innovative design, the fan also comes with the latest in fan technology, ready to perform at four forward and four reverse speeds, each setting useful for any time of the day or year. The involution is also light kit adaptable as well, further adding on the functionality that you can find in all of Fanimation’s contemporary ceiling fans.

If you are looking for a really contemporary look, the Avaston is a great choice. It’s unique shapes almost mimic a surrealist structure, appearing to melt away as the shaped blades spin above your living room. But don’t let the odd structure fool you, it still retains all the functionality of a great fan while providing that unique style. If you are looking for something just as unique, but maybe a bit simpler in design, look no further than the Torto. Sporting a similar shape, this fan comes in a variety of finishes for those looking for contemporary ceiling fans with a solid finish and minimal intricacies.

There are just a few of Fanimation’s contemporary ceiling fans, as there are many more options in Fanimation’s catalog on our site. What is important to realize is that every single one of Fanimation’s fans provide the functionality that you need for your home across every season, no matter the shape or design. So whatever design will fit for your living space, know that you will be satisfied with your fan because it is Fanimation, and the unique style you choose will make you feel like the fan itself was designed for you.